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Introducing you to the heritage of traditional food of Udupi, Karnataka with Udipi’s Upahar – A gift from Udupi. Our secret recipe is simple. We serve food with passion combined with tradition and hygiene, Just the food that everyone wants.

At Udipi’s Upahar, we serve Satvik food according to the legacy of Indian vegetarian food which is a hands-down from ancient spiritual communities. The concept of seasonal food is the heart of our food. Only the best of ingredients and the freshest of vegetables go into each dish – making eating a special experience.

Today, all our outlets in Hyderabad satiate the appetite of around fifteen thousand customers every day, which is a result of customer satisfaction and holds testimony of good food served here. 

Evidence of our quality – Mr. Anand and his family eat the same food prepared in the same kitchen that serves customers. Authentic Udupi style culinary preparations and excellent service add to the USP of this Restaurant Chain.


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